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Megurine Sora
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 6,3 ft
Weight 104 lbs
Alias Sora
Ethnicity Japanese
Technical Information
Series Type Fan-made vocaloids
Series No. 08
Chara Item Sora is always seen with a cupcake microphone
Voice she has the same voice as len
Opt genre pop music
Additional Information
Creator Inibi Uchiha
Illustrator Inibi Uchiha
Affiliation N/A
Megurine Sora is sister of Megurine Luka


Sora is an serious girl she doesn't like any bother

Hit SongsEdit

Flowers,Lovers,Just be friends (with Luka) and The world is mine

Likes and Doesn't likesEdit

Likes: Rice balls

Doesn't like: school and Kaito!!


Family- with her onii-chan luka

Friends- Len,Rin,Haku and Meiko

Crush_ she had a crush on kaito but she inan accident kissed Gakupo and there they became a couple